The new and different Lenin Museum

Opening hours:

From September 1st – May 31st: Tue–Sun 11 am –5 pm

From June 1st – August 31st: daily 11 am – 6pm


Museum is closed (2020):

Apr 10th
Apr 13th
May 1st
From Jun 19th to Jun 21st
Dec 6th
From Dec 24th to Dec 26th



Hämeenpuisto 28
Tampere, Finland

For more information:
tel. +358 104 209 222

Welcome to the Birthplace of the Soviet Union!

The Finnish Lenin Museum has a unique story. This is where Lenin and Stalin met for the first time, in a secret meeting of the Bolsheviks in December 1905. They started planning a revolution which later changed world history and also made it possible for Finland to become independent. In the very same rooms now locates the Lenin Museum, the only Lenin Museum left outside Russia.

Welcome to the only Lenin Museum in the European countries!



Peukku rahalle!


Adults 8 euros, students and seniors 6 euros, children under 18 – free